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Air Force Selects Altus AFB as Home of KC-46A Training Site

May 24, 2013

Southwest Oklahoma’s Altus Air Force Base Chosen as Home to Refueling Tanker’s Formal Training Unit

Oklahoma City, OK – Governor Fallin today commented on the announcement that Altus Air Force Base has been selected as the home of the Air Force’s formal training unit for the KC-46A refueling tanker.

Located in southwest Oklahoma, Altus Air Force Base has the existing infrastructure and manpower to provide support and an optimal training environment for KC-46A crews. The base has an existing tanker and heavy receiving operation and greater fuel dispensing capability. Altus also has an existing formal training wing that conducts all Air Force Training on the current KC-135 air refueling tanker (which is nearly 50 years old), and the C-17 transport, so less active-duty personnel will have to be added to the program.

The KC-46A has more refueling capacity and greater cargo capacity than its counterparts. It will provide aerial refueling support to the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and coalition forces.

The training unit will create new direct construction jobs for maintenance and technical support and many new indirect jobs for the Altus community.

“Oklahomans have a deep and profound respect for our military and the men and women who serve our nation bravely.  We are proud of our military and work to support them in any way possible.  We’re thrilled that the KC-46A formal training unit’s new home is in Altus, Oklahoma,” said Governor Mary Fallin, “To add the new mission at Altus Air Force Base sends the signal that the base is important to our nation. 

“This announcement also underscores how important the aerospace industry, from the private sector to the military, is to our state’s economy. We have an aerospace industry eco-system that is comprehensive, growing, and innovating,” added Fallin, “Training, education, and skills development is an important part of what drives this industry and an important part of Oklahoma’s overall offering to aerospace companies.”

The KC-46A training program is scheduled to start in 2016.