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OKJobMatch.com Introduces Oklahoma Businesses to New Employees

April 8, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY - OKJobMatch.com, the free job matching website launched last spring by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, is now open to employers searching for their next employee. 

The new function allows employers to build a job description from scratch using an easy to understand question-and-answer format, post their job and begin connecting with the tens of thousands of active job seekers currently on OKJobMatch.com.

Finding qualified employees can be difficult, especially in certain counties where the unemployment rate is below 3.5%.

Instead of waiting for someone to respond to a want ad, OKJobMatch.com lets employers search job seekers resumes and reach out to them directly. The goal is to make filling positions faster and easier by putting the power in the hands of employers.

"OKJobMatch.com helps businesses find the employees they're looking for free of charge. Using an intuitive question and answer format, employers can build and manage custom job descriptions and search for applicants with the experience and education for the position," said Michael Widell, Deputy Director of Workforce Services with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

OKJobMatch.com matches employers with job seekers based on a number of criteria, including experience, education, skills, certifications and licenses. OKJobMatch.com lets employers save, edit and manage their job postings as well as flag potential job seekers for follow up, add notes and find similar candidates.

OKJobMatch.com also allows employers the ability to show their interest in hiring veterans, people with disabilities or those receiving public assistance. 

To get started and post your job openings, go to www.OKJobMatch.com create a login and begin building your job description.