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Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Bid Opportunities

The procurement and grant funding opportunities below are unique to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Each Request for Quote (RFQ), Invitation to Bid (ITB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) has special instructions; therefore, please pay close attention to the contact person and response submittal requirements. Some solicitations are issued by the State of Oklahoma contracting agency, Oklahoma Management and Enterprise Services(OMES) Central Purchasing Division. Any solicitation listed below that is issued by OMES will have a link to their site. All other solicitations will be accessible here on the Commerce site for your convenience.

All responses to solicitations must be accompanied by the following documents:

Non-Collusion Form

Bid Opportunities

Print Bids for Fiscal Year 2017

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is seeking bids for the following print products:

Solicitation – Brochures FY17

Solicitation – Foam Core Posters FY17

Solicitation – One Sheets FY17

Security Cameras

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is seeking to update its exterior video surveillance system by the replacement of eight (8) exterior cameras, replacement of one (1) empty camera housing with a new camera, and the addition of up to four (4) additional cameras to cover an addition to the parking area at the offices of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, for a maximum of thirteen (13) cameras. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is also seeking to replace its digital video recorder which serves the exterior cameras and four (4) interior cameras that are not being replaced at this time.

Responses due by 3:00 PM, May 20, 2016.

Security Camera Soliciation FY17-06-0511

Questions & Answers

How many total cameras both existing locations and new locations are being requested?

We are replacing 9 exterior cameras (8 existing cameras and 1 empty housing) plus adding up to 4 more exterior cameras, based upon vendors recommendation to cover the addition to the parking lot for a maximum of 13 cameras.  We are not replacing the 4 interior cameras

Depending in on how the RFQ is interrupted, it could be either 16 or 17. A total of either sixteen (16) cameras if one of the existing outdoor cameras is includes when you it mentions the empty housing or It could mean a total of seventeen (17) cameras if there are eight (8) existing plus one (1) with an empty housing. From my site visit there appears to only be a total of twelve (12) cameras on the system. However, at one point in the RFQ it mentions a maximum of thirteen (13) cameras then adds on the four (4) interior cameras which will be not be replaced at this time but included in the system. Are you requesting a Digital Video Recorder that will handle sixteen (16) cameras or seventeen (17) cameras on a single unit?

At least 17 cameras in case we need to add cameras in the future.

Regarding the Digital video recorder… How many days of video storage is the Department of Commerce requesting?

5 days

In calculating Days of Storage How many frames per second do we need to record images at?

We are seeking the vendor’s recommendation on that issue.

Since twelve (12) of the cameras will be outdoors, recording on motion may help with storage calculations but might not be practical since there is potential activity from trees, passing cars etcetera. Are we to base our storage calculations on 100% activity (24/7)?


Will the Digital Video Recorder be provided with a Static IP Address for viewing at multiply locations?


Will the Digital Video Recorder be accessed through a VPN Connection?

They are only being accessed from within the building or state network, a VPN Connection would not be required.

Will Management or Security want to view the video on their SMART DEVICE?


Any new cabling that will be installed, does it need to be plenum rated?


Will you allow product demonstration before a final decision is made?


One could meet this spec with a fixed lens that is “cheap” or I can use a vari-focal lens that will add cost to the job but create viewing options but are more costly.

We are relying upon the vendor to recommend a camera that will permit us to see to the back of our parking lot.

There is no indications as to the Lives of Resolution you are wanting. (640, 720, 1080p).

We are relying upon the vendor to recommend a Lines of Resolution that will permit us to see to the back of our parking lot.

Do you need/want built in IR or you content with exiting lighting providing all the light for the camera.

No on IR, use of existing light.

To bid apples to apples will be difficult without additional information. What are the “specifications” for the cameras you are looking for?

We are relying upon the vendor to recommend a camera that will permit us to see to the back of our parking lot.

Also, are you wanting the existing camera power supply replaced?


Are we to utilize the existing cable and power supply?

Yes on the cable, we are wanting the power supplies replaced.

If yes, is there existing cable to the empty housing?


The current system is analog. Do you intend to replace with another analog system, or upgrade to a digital (I.P.) based system that will provide clearer, more detailed video?

Digital is acceptable if it is cost competitive.

If digital is acceptable will you still require 5 cameras on the East (parking lot) side of the building if fewer cameras will provide the same or better coverage?

If we can get the same coverage with fewer cameras, fewer cameras will be acceptable.

If no additional cameras are needed to get adequate footage of the East parking lot, is a 16-channel recorder acceptable?

We would prefer capacity greater than 16 channels in case we need to increase the number of cameras.

If not are two recorders acceptable?

Yes, but would prefer a single recorder unless there is a cost savings.

Is the intent to reuse the rack space available where the old DVR is housed?


Pest Control Services

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce seeks proposals from qualified (Oklahoma licensed/certified) pest elimination/control companies to manage pest issues in its offices at 900 North Stiles, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We prefer to employ IPM methods to achieve our goals.  IPM is a process for achieving long-term environmentally sound pest suppression and prevention through the use of a wide variety of technological and management practices. All questions must be submitted by email to no later than 3pm CST on May 9th, 2016. Response to all question will be sent out to all vendors and posted to website no later than 3:00 PM, May 11th, 2016.



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