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Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Bid Opportunities

The procurement and grant funding opportunities below are unique to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Each Request for Quote (RFQ), Invitation to Bid (ITB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) has special instructions; therefore, please pay close attention to the contact person and response submittal requirements. Some solicitations are issued by the State of Oklahoma contracting agency, Oklahoma Management and Enterprise Services(OMES) Central Purchasing Division. Any solicitation listed below that is issued by OMES will have a link to their site. All other solicitations will be accessible here on the Commerce site for your convenience.

All responses to solicitations must be accompanied with:

Non-Collusion Form

Bid Opportunities

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODOC) invites the submission of a Statement of Qualifications to provide Duplication of Benefits analysis and verification services including the execution of Subrogation Agreements for the Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery program (CDBG-DR). Duplication of Benefit requirements are prescribed by Section 312 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relieve Act (42 U.S.C 5155).

Amended 8/16/2016


All questions pertaining to the attached solicitation are to be in writing to

Response Due Date: September 16, 2016
Time: 3:00pm Central Time

Questions and Answers

Q. Will the firm/consultant be responsible for developing the Subrogation Agreements for each unit of local government, or will the ODOC be responsible for this?
A. Yes, the firm/consultant will be responsible for developing Subrogation Agreements for each unit of local government.

Q. Who will interface with the applicants to recoup funds, handle potential appeals, etc.?
A. The firm/consultant will do the investigative work and report to the State for decision making.

Q. How many individual applicants were approved for funding per unit of local government?
A. There are 17 Units of General Local Government that ODOC has or will provide funding.

Q. If individual applicant DOB reviews are necessary, is there a total expected volume?
A. There are 45 individual/separate projects being undertaken by the 17 units of local government.  Example one unit of local government may have two projects (housing and fire protection).

Q. Do you expect the contractor to directly access your system of record (Grants) to perform DOB and verification? If not, how will the contractor access information from the various funding sources (FEMA, SBA, Insurance, etc?)
A. The firm will have view capabilities to ODOC’s OKGrants system. This system holds all information from application to close-out.  It will be the responsibility of the firm/consultant to contact FEMA, SBA, insurance, etc. to determine DOB.


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