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Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Bid Opportunities

The procurement and grant funding opportunities below are unique to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Each Request for Quote (RFQ), Invitation to Bid (ITB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) has special instructions; therefore, please pay close attention to the contact person and response submittal requirements. Some solicitations are issued by the State of Oklahoma contracting agency, Oklahoma Management and Enterprise Services(OMES) Central Purchasing Division. Any solicitation listed below that is issued by OMES will have a link to their site. All other solicitations will be accessible here on the Commerce site for your convenience.

All responses to solicitations must be accompanied with:

Non-Collusion Form

Bid Opportunities

Real Estate Search Database

ODOC is seeking a tool or data subscription and feed that will provide a list of Industrial, Commercial and Retail properties for lease or sale including those properties that have not paid a brokerage fee.  Components that are required or preferred to be incorporated into this tool/subscription are those addressing geography, website tracking/reporting/lead generation, property types, broker content, peer analyses and other components.

Real Estate Search Database FY18 26 0205

Direct all question to Judy Bartz at

Marketing Automation Tool

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is seeking a marketing automation tool that will natively integrate with our on-premises Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 environment. The platform should meet technical requirements as a Dynamics CRM Solution File for native compatibility and contain features for e-mail automation, lead capture, website tracking, survey administration, social engagement, and others.

FY18-28-0123 Marketing Automation Solicitation

Direct all question to Judy Bartz at


  1. How many total contacts are you looking to send to?
    There is a mix of Leads and Contacts. There are presently 32,270 Active Contacts and 1,127 Open Leads in Dynamics CRM. Of these, it is likely that we will need to send messages to up to about 3,000 to 5,000 (combined) on an annual basis.
  1. How did these contacts sign up to receive your emails?
    Some are direct subscribers to newsletters, others requested to be contacted as follow-up from a trade show or other event. There are Leads who completed a lead capture form on one of our websites. For others there is a customer relationship and contact is expected as part of customer service and official information from the agency.
  1. How many messages are you looking to send per month?
    It varies due to trade show and event activity. Up to about 20 separate messages each month are possible to various Marketing Lists and individual Leads and Contacts.
  1. When was the last time that you sent a message to the list?
    There are multiple lists. All lists are current and have received communications in the past year, many within the last month.
  1. How are you currently sending? (Are you using another email marketing service provider?)
    There is a mix. Currently messages direct from CRM users are sent from Outlook. Marketing automation and out-of-state focused newsletters are sent through InfusionSoft.

Finance Program

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce State Energy Program (ODOC –SEP) is seeking proposals to consolidate and streamline its Finance Programs through a Proposed loan modification to identify and choose pathways for the future of ODOC energy lending opportunities.

The current bid has an extended close date. The close date is now February 7th at 5:00 PM. Please make sure that this Amendment of solicitation is attached to your bid for consideration.


Amendment to FY18-040124

Questions on the solicitation will be accepted until 12:00 Noon on January 29, 2018 with answers being emailed to all vendors and posted to this page by 5:00 pm on January 30th 2018.


Question 1 of 1:

I am interested in discussing the motivation behind this solicitation. Is the State gearing up for a new push for energy efficiency projects for cities and counties or simply seeking a more efficient way to conduct current business? If you would be willing to discuss please let me know a convenient time to call you.

Answer for Question 1 of 1

The motivation for this solicitation is to find ways to more efficiently and effectively operate the Energy Loan Program at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. As pointed out in the solicitation section C.2.1., there have historically been barriers related to visibility of the program as well as a burden of program documentation.

Although there is no plan at this time for new specific projects or increases to the activities in this program, the successful respondent to this solicitation may help identify and find solutions to barriers in the program that could eventually result in increased numbers of energy projects funded by these loans.


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