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Site Ready Program

The objective of the Oklahoma Site Ready certification program is to make business relocation, expansion and development in Oklahoma as inviting as possible. A site’s successful completion of the Site Ready process guarantees a prospective incoming business that the site is ready for construction.

For assistance with the Site Ready Program, Contact Kathy Gain(405) 815-5267 or

To become certified as Site Ready, site owners and/or community leaders must complete an application identifying key data about the site to aid site selectors in their searches. An objective third party then assists the Oklahoma Department of Commerce in evaluating the application to ensure sites meet program requirements.

Once certified, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce offers detailed, site-specific information, including proximity to major transportation routes, area labor force statistics, utilities, cost of living details, and business incentives for site selectors’ considerations.
Within Site Ready, there are eight site categories:

  • Mega Park
  • Aerospace Park
  • Heavy Industrial Park
  • Light Industrial Park
  • Warehouse / Distribution Park
  • Business Services Park
  • Research and Development Park
  • Rural Business / Commerce Park

To see a list of all current Oklahoma Site Ready Certified Sites visit

Site Ready Application Process and Forms

Site Ready Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit letters verifying there are no issues with wetlands and endangered species?
No, you do not need verification letters from U.S. Fish and Wildlife unless you are digging or building on the site. However, you need to submit in the Site Ready application information regarding wetlands and endangered species. To do this, go to Go to the bottom of the home page and click on Section 7 Consultations. There you will find a list of endangered species by county. Print your county and submit with the Site Ready application.

Wetlands- Please submit with the Site Ready application a National Wetlands Inventory Map (NWI Map). Go to or contact Oklahoma Water Resources Board at 405-530-8800.
Do I need to submit letters verifying there are no issues with archaeological/historical studies?
Yes, you will need a verification letter from the Oklahoma Archaeological Survey.

Unless your project involves federal funding, you will not need a verification letter from the Oklahoma Historical Society (State Historic Preservation Office).
Where do I send my written requests for verification letters from the Oklahoma Archaeological Survey?
To the following address:
Oklahoma Archaeological Survey
Robert L. Brooks, State Archaeologist
111 E. Chesapeake Room
Norman, OK 73019-5111

(Important Note: Please make sure that all written requests for verification letters are signed by the city mayor. Additional documentation may be requested by these agencies. Please allow up to 30 days for a response.)
Does a site need to have a Phase 1 Environmental Survey completed?
Yes, each site submitted will need to have a Phase 1 Environmental Survey completed before any site is considered “certified”.
What is considered a Commercial Service Airport?
A Commercial Service Airport is a publicly owned airport that has at least 2,500 passenger boardings each year and that receives scheduled passenger services.
What are the costs?
There is a $1000 application fee for each application submitted. This fee is used to pay the third-party consultant costs for application and site review. No amount of the application fee is retained by the state.
Who determines who is certified?
A third-party consultant evaluates all applications and makes a recommendation to ODOC for certification. This process ensures an objective and impartial review of all Oklahoma sites.
How often must a site recertify?
Once a site is certified under a program project, the site will retain that certification.
Does the state advertise sites that are certified?
ODOC will highlight certified sites in the Oklahoma’s Site Advantage marketing campaign which includes sales, interactive and public relations approaches.
How many sites will be certified?
ODOC will certify all applying sites that meet the criteria for the program and the selected project.
Is it just industrial parks?
A site may apply under 8 project types, two of which are industrial. Please refer to the project profiles to learn more.
Do you have to have buildings ready?
No. Buildings are not required for a site to meet the criteria of any project profile.
What is the difference between Site Ready and the Industrial Park Program?
The Industrial Park Program was created in 1988 to establish basic requirements for eligible participants under the Oklahoma Small Business Linked Deposit Act. As such, the IPP will continue to serve Oklahoma sites interested in applying for low-interest business loans.
Does the site need to have all utilities on site for certification?
No. The site needs to have written confirmation from the utility companies that service can be provided within 180 days.