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Grant Writing Resources

Technical Assistance with Grants

Community Development staff provides FAQs and implementation guides for programs. Please contact us at (405) 815-5351 for assistance.

Here you’ll find the information, tools, and resources needed to:

  • Train and certify as grant writers through nationally-recognized workshops, seminars, and institutes;
  • Get help with specific applications in workshops sponsored by the agencies that award grants;
  • Find available grants;
  • Find grant writers or grant writing and administration assistance;
  • Conduct research.

Train and Certify as Grant Writers

Grant Writing USA delivers training programs and workshops across the United States on grant writing, grant maker research and relations, program planning, and personal and organizational excellence.

Grant Writing USA has coached, trained, and consulted nearly 10,000 organizations and more than 15,000 individuals, including government leaders, philanthropists, academics, and nonprofit managers and staff.

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education – Grant Writing Resources offers several Power Point presentations that cover topics such as grant budget preparation, gaining partners and support for the grant project, developing the grant proposal idea, and time management. Also includes links to grant writing courses such as the Foundation Center Short Course for Proposal Writing.

Get Help with Specific Applications in Workshops Sponsored by Agencies that Award Grants

National Science Foundation Regional Grants Conference covers existing funding opportunities, new and current application policies and procedures, and administrative issues.

Oklahoma Arts Council awards matching grants each year to cultural organizations, schools, and local governments involved with community art and art education programs. The Council hosts free workshops throughout the year to help people apply for these grants.

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) offers webcast trainings throughout the year to help grant applicants complete forms, provide necessary documentation, and stay updated on policies and procedures affecting various HUD programs and funding.

Note: Check the events page periodically for other general grant writing seminars or institutes and for workshops covering specific grant applications.

Find Available Grants & Funding provides details and application packets for grants in a variety of categories, including Arts, Education & Literacy; Children & Youth; Community Development/Community Service; Economic Development; Health, Safety & Environment; Housing; and Historic Preservation. Also find links to resources, including information on Oklahoma’s foundations, grant databases, and federal grant opportunities. provides information on more than 1,000 grant programs and access to about $400 billion in annual awards. Established as part of the federal government’s E-Grants Initiative, applicants will ultimately be able to use to apply for federal grants and manage grant funds online.

Education World’s Grants Center provides information about current education grants, additional grant sources, and grant writing tips and resources.

Find Grant Writers or Grant Writing/Administration Assistance

The Economic Development Resource Guide helps locate individuals or agencies, such as the Councils of Government (COGs), in your area that can assist with locating qualified and experienced grant writers as well as writing and administering grants.

External Evaluators: The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education lists several external evaluators, both individuals and organizations, that review grants and help applicants improve them before final submission.

Fundsnet Services Online provides a variety of fundraising and grant writing resources, including federal grant application forms, links to various grantmaker associations around the country, and a directory of grant writers, consultants, and grant writing software packages.

Grant Writers Directory, a directory maintained by

Conduct Research

OKcommerce/data provides quick links to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics and offers a variety of data reports – workforce, demographics and population, and economic and business statistics and analysis.

Community of Science (COS) offers data needed to complete applications for scientific research grants.