Data & Research

The Policy, Research and Economic Analysis Division provides decision makers with timely data and analyses to assist them in the formulation of social and economic policies.

Business and Market Data

This section includes information on New and Expanding Oklahoma companies, Oklahoma’s Fortune 500 Company locations, among other business lists. Also provided are data points that give light to the business climate of the state including utilities and taxes.

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Economic Data

Major yardsticks to our national and local economies can be found in this section. Information and wages, per capita income, poverty, inflation and the consumer price index can be found on this page. Also available are cost of living statistics specific to Oklahoma and tax data.

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Workforce and Employer Data

This section provides detailed information on Oklahoma’s workforce, including labor information on the wage expectations and availability of workers across the state. Wage expectations, skills, education levels, worker availability stats, and economic data available from federal agencies like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, come in handy when new or expanding businesses want to determine whether they can meet workforce needs.

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Demographics and Population Data

Many communities and businesses depend on population and demographic information in order to do their planning. This section provides access to population and demographic information from the US Census Bureau which includes Oklahoma specific information from the latest decennial census conducted in 2010. The Census Data Center, housed at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, is responsible for making industry, population and demographic information more accessible to local communities.

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Data and Research FAQ

If you cannot find the Oklahoma-specific information you are looking for, please look through the Research FAQ section for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Incentives Maps

View and explore interactive maps related to Oklahoma's incentive programs.

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