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Oklahoman’s pay $1039 less per person in state and local taxes than the nation. Oklahoman’s pay $736 less per person than the national median.

Consider these facts:

  • Oklahoma’s Per Capita Property Taxes are 3rd lowest in the U.S.
  • Oklahoma’s Per Capita Corporate Tax burden is 10th lowest in the U.S.

The Oklahoma tax system is composed of a range of taxes that are administered and collected by various state and local agencies. Each tax has a different base and rate. The following chart outlines the most significant taxes. For more information, visit the Oklahoma Tax Commission website.

Overview of Oklahoma Tax System
Type Base or Measure Rate Administering Agency
Corporate Income Tax Net Income 6% Oklahoma Tax Commission
Franchise Tax Net revenue from business activity allocated or apportioned to Oklahoma. $25 + 1% Oklahoma Tax Commission
Sales and Use Tax* Sales: Gross receipts or gross proceeds.
Use: Purchase Price
4.50% Oklahoma Tax Commission
Insurance Tax
Wage Base: $20,100 New Employers: 2.0%;
Experienced Employers: 0.3-9.2%
Oklahoma Employment
Security Commission
Personal Income Tax Taxable Income 5.25% over $8,700 Oklahoma Tax Commission
Local Property Tax** Valuation of Property Approx. 1% of
Taxable Value
County Assessor

*Additional sales and use tax is determined by counties and cities on top of the state's base rate.
**Property Taxes are collected by the county where the property is located; rates vary depending on location.

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