Data & Research

Data and Research FAQ

Below are answers to the questions we field most often in the Research Division at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. If you have a question that’s not listed here, please contact us.

Where can I get a list of all the businesses in Oklahoma?
Oklahoma Business Directory, American Business Directories, Omaha, NE, phone 800-555-6124 or on-line at
How can I buy a list of all the manufacturers in the state?
The current printed version of the Oklahoma Manufacturers Directory is available for purchase from the publisher by visiting
How can I find the rate of inflation to know what kind of raise to give my employees?
That information is available on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at
I’m a student and want to know about Oklahoma.
There are a couple of great online resources for you to learn more about Oklahoma. The Student Guide on the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department website provides information about our state’s history, emblems, facts, and western heritage. You’ll also find a wealth of information at the official State of Oklahoma website at
How do I contact my legislator?
The Oklahoma Legislature website at is a great source of all information related to the legislature.
Where can I look up information about an Oklahoma company?
The Secretary of State website at features a great online service called SoonerAccess that allows you to register a company or search the database to find Oklahoma companies.
How can I look up a Census Tract number?
Follow this link — Census Tract Lookup — enter your address and the program will return several pieces of data for that address, including the Census Tract number.
Is my location in an Oklahoma Enterprise Zone?
View the Enterprise Zone Map. If there is still no clear answer, look up the census tract number (see question above) and compare it to the list of tract numbers which qualify based on the 2000 Census. If you still can’t find it, contact the Lesli Walsh at 405-815-5120, for more information.
What is the population for my area?
On the Census Bureau website at, choose the American Factfinder link in the left navigation and then choose Fact Sheet. There, you can enter your community and get the information you’re looking for.
Are there industrial and commercial buildings listed on your site?
Yes, the Buildings and Sites GIS database allows you to search available properties by a variety of criteria.
Do you have a listing of Industrial Parks in Oklahoma?
We can provide a list of parks specific to the criteria you need. Contact Kathy Gain at 405-815-5267, 800-879-6552.
What is the purpose of certifying an Industrial Park?
The purpose of the Industrial Park Program is to establish a method and set of standards by which industrial parks may become voluntarily certified. Such certification process will provide uniformity in the definition of “Industrial Park” so that prospective occupants can be assured of the minimal quality characteristics, services and amenities that an Oklahoma industrial park will provide.
What are the criteria for certifying an Industrial Park?
The process is very simple:
  1. The application form requiring qualifying information and other general information regarding desirable features must be completed and submitted. Industrial Park Application Packet
  2. The park site must be zoned for industrial use.
  3. Utilities including electrical, gas, telephone, and water/sanctuary service must be reasonably accessible to the park site.
  4. The community must have a governing board that oversees park development.
  5. A preliminary plat or equivalent must be prepared and submitted for approval by the governing board.
  6. A minimum of five (5) acres for industrial usage must be set aside for park site.
  7. A paved all-weather access road to site must be in place or a completed plan, including financing must be available.