Data & Research

Demographics and Population Data

Decennial Census

Maps and data from the 2010 Census with results by various geographies and characteristics. File content ranges from total population, population by race and ethnicity, growth rate from the prior census, population density (persons per square mile), and US Congressional seat apportionment.

Census Data and Maps

American Community Survey

The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) is a great source for detailed population and household characteristics, giving estimates and margins of error for many aspects of the American population.

American Community Survey

Assistance with Census and ACS Data

Census data is managed by a partnership of several Oklahoma agencies. Steve Beleu with the Oklahoma  Department of Libraries has prepared three files designed to assist users with the best practices for using American Community Survey data from the US Census Bureau.

The Business & Industry Data Center Program provides expertise in analyzing and packaging census data in ways designed to assist community and business decision-makers, and training around the various statistical research released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Oklahoma State/Business & Industry Data Center Affiliates & Data Resources:

Industry-Specific Data

The Department of Commerce provides commonly-requested demographic and population data and links to resources that are valuable for community and economic development.

Biennial State of the State

Biennial State of the State Report  

This report is compiled every two years for the governor and state legislature. It provides labor force trends, House and Senate districting demographics, population trends, and statewide trends in aging.

Kids Count

For information on issues confronting Oklahoma’s children across the state and throughout our counties, turn to the annual Oklahoma KIDS COUNT Factbook. The factbook gives numbers and information on teen births, child abuse, juvenile crime, high school dropouts, child and teen deaths, child poverty, infant mortality and low birth-weight infants.

Go to Kids Count Factbook

Other Resources

  • U.S. Census Bureau – provides demographic and population statistics, analysis, maps, charts, and more from the U.S. Census.
  • Use the American FactFinder to view, print, and download statistics about population, housing, industry, and business. Using FactFinder, you can also find U.S. Census Bureau products, create reference and thematic maps, and search for specific data.
  • ORIGINS – provides economic, social, and demographic data for decision makers at the community, education, business, and government level.
  • Oklahoma Department of Libraries – provides a variety of local, state, and federal statistical research. To go directly to state demographic and population information, visit, and for national research, visit
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