Data & Research

Workforce and Employer Data

This section provides detailed information on Oklahoma’s workforce, including labor information on the wage expectations and availability of workers across the state. Wage expectations, skill and education levels, and worker availability stats as well as the economic data available from federal agencies like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, come in handy when new or expanding businesses want to determine whether they can meet workforce needs.

Regional Workforce Briefings

Briefings on workforce characteristics by region and economic ecosystem.

Workforce Investment Area (WIA) Economic Profiles

Four- to six-page profiles with population, employment, wages, and commuting data produced by Policy, Research, and Economic Analysis Division at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Others will be added as they become available.

Governor’s Council Industry Workforce Reports

Local Area Labor Force Studies

The University of Oklahoma’s Public Opinion Learning Laboratory conducts the studies. Please contact Dr. Amy Goodin at (405) 325-7111 for pricing and more information.
This series of local area labor force studies provides a variety of statistics and analysis about Oklahoma’s workforce, including:

  • Profile of local labor force;
  • Numbers of the underemployed;
  • Commuting patterns;
  • Willingness to change employers;
  • Educational levels of Oklahoma’s labor pool.
OU Public Learning Laboratory

Employment & Unemployment Data from Bureau of Labor Statistics

Compensation & Working Conditions Data

Productivity & Technology Data

Regional Profiles