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Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Oklahoma’s Fortune 500 Companies

Our report of Oklahoma’s Fortune 500 companies includes manufacturing, retail, and service industries. Five Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in the state. It was last updated in August 2017.

Fortune 500 Report

New Growth and Expansions

Quarterly and annual reports of Oklahoma’s publicly announced new businesses and expansions. Retail-only companies, bank branch offices and hospitals are not included in this report. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce does not release individual company investment amounts.

Annual Report 2017

In 2017, there were 82 announcements made statewide, totaling over $6 billion in new investment. 22 companies were new to Oklahoma. More than 3,500 jobs are eventually expected from this year’s announcements.

Invenergy’s $4.5 billion wind farm in the Oklahoma panhandle was the largest announcement of the year. MedXM’s plan to hire over 400 employees is the largest expansion in employment of the year.

New and Expanding Companies – Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2016

In 2016, there were 66 announcements made statewide, totaling over $2.2 billion in new investment.  14 companies were new to Oklahoma. Over 5,200 jobs are expected to eventually be created from this year’s announcements.

Google’s $1.2 billion expansion in Pryor was the largest investment of the year. Progrexion’s decision to hire 500, plus 400 over 5 years, is the largest expansion in employment of the year.

New and Expanding Companies Annual Report 2016

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce publishes a quarterly report of publicly announced new and expanding businesses.


Oklahoma’s Largest Employers

Our report on the state’s largest employers provides a ranked list of companies and their estimated statewide employment from subscription sources. The list is limited to companies with an employment base of at least 1,500.

Oklahoma Largest Employers List

Our Research Team can provide customized employer lists for the state, counties and cities. Customized lists are not limited to employers larger than 1,500 and can provide additional details including contact information. To learn more, including costs and options, contact Jon Chiappe at or 405-815-5210.

Oklahoma’s Foreign-owned Companies

Oklahoma is home to more than 140 foreign-owned companies. 48,000 jobs in the state are supported by these businesses.

Major sources of foreign investment in Oklahoma include Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands, Mexico, Ireland and Sweden.

Country Business Establishments in Oklahoma Employment in Oklahoma
Canada 66 3310
United Kingdom 64 5852
Japan 55 3869
Germany 46 2731
France 44 5707
Switzerland 39 2905
Australia 18 938
Netherlands 17 1007
Mexico 16 6846
Ireland 16 3558
Sweden 16 2770

Identify business prospects for expansions, supply chain and other opportunities. We can generate a comprehensive list of Oklahoma foreign-owned companies and customize it to meet your needs. Contact Jon Chiappe at or call 405-815-5210 for pricing and details.

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