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International Business Matchmaking

Agent/Distributor/Partner Searches – ITO

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce maintains International Trade Offices (ITOs) in China, Israel (Middle East), and Mexico to assist the state’s businesses and communities in developing export opportunities by working with pre-qualified companies to help them sell their products and services and identify specific buyers.

Global Recruiting and Trade works directly with Oklahoma businesses of all sizes to become pre-qualified companies, which means they can market and promote their products and services through the ITOs; connect with partners, suppliers, and buyers throughout the world; and participate in overseas trade shows and trade missions designed to market Oklahoma-produced goods and services and expand the state’s international presence.

And, Commerce’s free, agent and distributor search service connects into markets Oklahoma companies with businesses or individuals in targeted export markets that can ensure your products and services reach the right industries, sectors, and customers.

International Trade Show/Trade Mission Assistance

Trade Events provide venues for U.S. exporters to meet international buyers, distributors, or representatives. By organizing trade missions and international tradeshows, the Global Recruiting and Trade office can subsidize exhibiting fees for companies to participate in these events which would include from marketing to business matchmaking services. In short, we help Oklahoma exporters expand global sales for these international events.

International Video Conferencing Services

We offer Oklahoma businesses to connect to new or existing business partners thru our on-ground support international team in China, Mexico, and Israel (Middle East). Video conferences reduce travel time which reduces any additional company expenses and quality time invested so you get down to business. If you don’t own video equipment or don’t want to invest in it, contact us for an appointment to set-up a time and date to have you connect with one or more of our International Trade offices for international business opportunities.

Vetted International Trade Leads and Bidding Opportunities

Requests for proposals (RFPs) for everything from aerospace engines and medical sensors to engineering and construction services are issued daily for projects around the world. These business opportunities come from a variety of sources, and many of the RFPs require fast response.

Through its BidWatch Service, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce monitors these sources and lets Oklahoma companies know when RFPs are issued, the basic project/equipment specifications, and how quickly your company needs to respond.

Commerce and its Global Business Services team work hand-in-hand with a number of federal and international agencies, including the U.S. Department of Commerce Foreign Commercial Service, the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of International Trade, the multi-lateral development banks, and the Export-Import Bank. Through this network, Commerce is your company’s “ear to the ground” in every major global market.

Opportunities abound for all Oklahoma businesses—large or small—so register now and start receiving BidWatch Service alerts via e-mail.

BidWatch Service Frequently Asked Questions

Can any company or business register for this service?
No; only Oklahoma companies can register for this service. If you are an out-of-state company or business, please consult with your respective state public or private international export and trade organization or with the U.S. Department of Commerce Commercial Service regional office regarding similar services.
How do I sign up to receive the free BidWatch Service alerts via e-mail?
Sign up on our subscription page and select the BidWatch topics you are interested in.
Can I sign up for the BidWatch Service alerts and respond to an RFP if I’m not currently exporting my products and services to international markets?
Yes; however because these RFPs are often issued with lead times of two weeks or less, it will be beneficial to already have exporting capabilities and experience in place, in-country partners, or at least have a strategic plan for launching your company into the global arena—all of which Commerce can help you with. For more information on what it takes to successfully operate or expand in international markets, check out our Trade Assistance page.
What types of information can I expect to receive through the BidWatch Service?
Not all alerts deal with RFPs. Some promote technical and professional training opportunities (conferences, web seminars), announcements on available trade mission funding, updates on new customs regulations, and step-by-step guides on how to apply for government contracts with the Department of Defense or multi-lateral development banks. Here’s a sampling of past BidWatch alerts:
  • Efficient Supply Chain Management with Lean & Six Sigma Training;
  • Free Government Contracting Seminar;
  • Trade Mission Funding Now Available;
  • Business Opportunities & Challenges: Russia & Eurasia;
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Department of Defense Contracting Opportunities.
For those alerts calling for RFPs, here’s a quick rundown of what’s included:
  • The alert’s subject line lists the specific sourcing requests (heating and cooling transfer equipment for jet engines, agricultural machinery, engineering consultation, etc.) so you’ll know immediately if the RFP pertains to your company’s capabilities.
  • Names of the companies, contracting government agencies, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), solicitation numbers, and contacts for more information are given.
  • Project background and specific needs are provided.
  • Deadlines for the RFP and often a general timeline of the overall project are included.
  • Instructions on where to find any necessary forms, how to structure the RFP, and where it must be submitted are given.
How often are BidWatch Service alerts issued?
RFPs and other types of information discussed are posted to numerous company, government agency, and NGO websites. Some days there are only a few postings, and other days there are dozens. So the number of alerts you receive varies.
If I decide to respond to an RFP issued through the BidWatch Service, what type of assistance does the Oklahoma Department of Commerce provide?
Commerce—through its Global Business Services team—will do everything possible to help you pursue business opportunities around the world. The most important first step is to tell us that you’re interested by registering for this free BidWatch Service. Depending on your company’s experience with the complexities of international trade, you may also go directly to the U.S. government and/or contractor websites, gather information, and respond to bid opportunities without any involvement from Commerce.
Who will I be competing against for these opportunities?
The bids are made available internationally. Commerce can only make sure that you know about the opportunities, how to bid, and, in the long term, develop and implement an exporting strategy that will grow your business. You are responsible for preparing your company’s bid and meeting all the deadlines associated with these RFPs.