Main Street

A thriving downtown district - rich architecture and history, personal service, local ownership, sense of community, fun and unique opportunities to visit, work, and play. This is Oklahoma’s Main Street.

Oklahoma’s Main Street Program

For 25 years, Oklahoma’s Main Street program has been pumping new life back into the heart of communities across the state. Combining historic preservation and downtown revitalization efforts with powerful economic stimulation, Main Street restores the core assets of our communities and enhances the quality of life for our citizens.

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The Reinvestment Report, published monthly provides a detailed view of the investment activity in each Main Street Community. Beyond the numbers there are many intangible rewards include rekindled entrepreneurship, downtown cooperation, civic concern, and pride in community.

Main Street Impact (Program-to-Date)
Public/Private Reinvestment $1,431,041,918
Building Facade Rehabilitations 4,479
Net Gain in New Business Expansions, Relocations 4,992
Net Gain in New Jobs 17,207
Volunteer Hours (since 2002) 1,209,532

Main Street Reinvestment Report  

Download the latest Main Street Reinvestment Report.

Services and Resources for Communities

The Oklahoma Main Street Center provides training, resources, and technical assistance for preservation-based commercial district revitalization. Based on the National Main Street Center's guiding principles and nationally recognized Four-Point Approach, the program offers a practical strategy scaled for each local community. Main Street promotes public and private partnership and local leadership, commitment, and synergy while delivering tangible and intangible benefits to communities.



Información en Español

Main Street se focaliza en la reactivación comercial del centro de la ciudad basado en la preservación histórica. Esa es la presentación profesional breve, pero Main Street es mucho más. Estamos interesados en la preservación de nuestros edificios comerciales históricos, y ayudamos a los dueños de comercios locales en esos edificios para que tengan éxito y brinden trabajos e ingresos para los habitantes de Oklahoma y a lo largo de nuestro gran estado.