New & Existing Business

Tools and Assistance for Existing Businesses

Whether your business is big or small there are many tools to help you succeed. We’re here to help you find and take advantage of them.

There are a variety of programs designed to help entrepreneurs and existing businesses. These programs improve access to capital and provide in-depth information and other resources.


Oklahoma is globally recognized for its outstanding incentive program and pro-business environment. Businesses can choose between a cash incentive or a tax credit package, and in some cases, qualifying businesses can take advantage of both programs.

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Financing Resources

Inadequate financing is frequently cited as a primary reason businesses fail. Other financial reasons for failure or poor performance include miscalculating how much capital is required, underestimating the cost of borrowing, or simply securing the wrong kind of financing. Many of the resources referenced here provide access to capital and the expertise to help manage it.

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Accelerate Oklahoma

Access to capital for Oklahoma’s emerging, high growth entrepreneurs has taken a big leap forward with a joint initiative between i2E, Oklahoma Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Treasury Department that created three investment funds totaling $13.2 million. The results of this Oklahoma collaboration are three new funds that each offer equity and growth investment capital for state-based entrepreneurs, depending on the lifecycle stage of their business.

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Manufacturing Extension Agents

MEAs connect small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses with the information and resources they need to expand and succeed.

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Women-Owned Business Certification

Benefits of owning a certified women-owned business include expanded contracting opportunities and added advantage when competing for contracts with public and private sector entities. Entities who choose to do business with you are confident that their reporting of dollars spent with women-owned businesses will be verifiable and credible.

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Minority-Owned Business Information

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce serves as an initial point-of-contact for aspiring and established business owners, including minority entrepreneurs. As with all businesses, the agency provides information on starting a business, organizations that assist small businesses, financing, and other common questions.

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