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Manufacturing Extension Agents

Through its statewide network of manufacturing extension agents (MEAs) and applications engineers, the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance connects small- and medium-sized manufacturing businesses with the information and resources they need to expand and succeed.
The no-cost/low-cost services provided by the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance and its MEAs and applications engineers include:

  • Free technical assistance and business advice such as implementing new technologies; applying for local and state tax credits and business incentives, including Quality Jobs; and tapping into workforce training efforts such as the Training for Industry Program and Career Readiness.
  • Formal assessment tools to evaluate your company‚Äôs strengths and improvement areas, including complete financial analysis and performance benchmarking.
  • NIST-certified Lean program offered in conjunction with private service providers, covering Strategic Planning & Evaluation, Lean 101 Introduction, Value Stream Mapping, 5S System, Setup Reduction, Cellular Flow, Total Production Maintenance, Pull/Kanban System, Kaizen Implementation Projects, Reviews and Continuous Improvement.
  • Coordination for Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt training and assistance with industry certifications such as ISO.
  • Business growth assistance through strategic positioning, partnerships with other manufacturing businesses, market analysis, product development, and sales strategies.
  • Local Manufacturing Councils, a valuable network that allows manufacturing businesses across the state to talk about common challenges and share ideas for solutions.
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