New & Existing Business

Minority-Owned Business Information

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce serves as an initial point of contact for aspiring and established business owners, including minority entrepreneurs. As with all businesses, the agency provides information on starting a business, organizations that assist small businesses, financing, and other common questions.

Minorities seeking to expand or start a new business are encouraged to contact our Minority Business Coordinator for additional information specific to minority-owned businesses.

Contact Ken Talley, Minority Business Coordinator at: (405) 815-5218 or

Certification Programs

Similar to other states, in Oklahoma there is more than one program or source for being certified as a minority-owned business (the term disadvantaged business may also be applicable). For a minority business, the decision regarding what certification programs to select should relate to both current and desired customer markets. It may be advantageous to be certified with several programs.

Minority Business Certification Information  

Download this report to learn more about minority business certifications.

Minority Business Organizations

Joining a business organization may prove to be a valuable investment for yourself, your business, and your community. Local chambers of commerce and other organizations provide information, resources, and build relationships between fellow business owners and community leaders.

American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma

Metro Oklahoma City Black Chamber of Commerce
(405) 595-4874

Greenwood Chamber of Commerce (Tulsa)
(918) 585-2084

Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
(918) 664-5326

Greater Oklahoma City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
(405) 616-5031