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Women-Owned Business Certification

Any woman-owned small business is eligible to apply for certification. The business must be at least 51% owned and controlled on a day-to-day basis by one or more women. To verify the ownership of women-owned businesses across the nation, certification is the acceptable process. This proof of ownership now being requested by both private sector and public sector entities, provides credibility to women-owned business owners.

Benefits of owning a certified women-owned business include:

  • Expanded contracting opportunities;
  • Added advantage when competing for contracts with public and private sector entities;
  • Entities who choose to do business with you are confident that their reporting of dollars spent with women-owned businesses will be verifiable and credible.

How to Apply

Download and complete the application and mail it with the required attachments to Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Women-Owned Business Certification Program, 900 North Stiles Ave. Oklahoma City, Ok 73104.



Woman-owned Business Enterprise certification is valid for a five-year period. To continue certification, the following document must be updated and submitted to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce each year for your file.


For assistance with this program contact Rana Steeds at (405) 815-5143 or