State Energy Office

Wind Energy

Oklahoma boasts the 8th best wind resource in the nation it’s easy to see why Oklahoma IS Wind Energy. 

Utility Scale Wind Generation

Each of Oklahoma’s utility providers utilizes wind power as part of their generation portfolio.  While each utility and cooperative employ wind power by different means, wind is an option for all of Oklahoma’s citizens.  For more information about each utility’s wind program, please see the links below:
Oklahoma Gas & Electric:
Public Service Company of Oklahoma:

Small Wind

Oklahoma’s amazing wind resource not only provides power to our utilities for commercial power generation, but also can be utilized and harnessed on a smaller scale for your home, farm or business.  Oklahoma is home to the leading small wind turbine manufacturer, Bergey Windpower, based in Norman.  Let the SEO help you determine if a small wind installation is right for you.


The wind energy industry is a growing industry in need of skilled and well educated personnel.    Opportunities range from engineering to meteorology, to wind turbine technicians to business development and much more.  Oklahoma’s universities, community colleges and Career Tech schools have numerous programs to choose from to get you started on this path.  Contact the SEO for further information on programs available across the state. 


Oklahoma is recognized for its pro-business environment.  Our supply chain is ready to serve the manufacturing needs of the wind industry.  With aggressive incentive packages, skilled workforce and competitive cost of doing business, Oklahoma is a great location for businesses.  Contact us to find out how we can help you grow in Oklahoma.


There are numerous resources available to assist in your efforts to find information on various topics with wind energy.  The links below will provide further information for your needs.
Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative:
American Wind Energy Association:
U.S. Department of Energy:
Wind Powering America: