State Energy Office

Tax Credits

Alternative Fuels and Infrastructure

From compressed natural gas to propane or hybrid electric, full electric vehicles – there are incentives available for both vehicle purchase as well as the installation of associated infrastructure.  For further information on incentives available for alternative fuel vehicles please visit:
Central Oklahoma Clean Cities:
Tulsa area Clean Cities:

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners and business can take advantage of various incentives offered to enable energy efficiency improvements at home or for your business or commercial operation.
For a listing of state level offered incentives, including those offered by the various utility providers across the state, please visit DSIRE at:
The Energy Star program also offers guidance on federal level tax credits that can be taken. More information can be found at:

Renewable Energy

At the state level, there is only a net metering policy in place to allow the connection of small renewable energy generation on site.  For information on this program, please see:
For information on those programs offered at a federal level for renewable energy, please see: