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Oklahoma brings together leaders from business, government, education, and non-profit sectors to jointly develop ways to coordinate workforce development with economic development. The goals: better jobs for the state’s workers and better-qualified workers for the state’s employers.

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Since 2004, the Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development has been working to develop creative solutions that expand and improve Oklahoma’s workforce, promote a stronger economy, and make the state more competitive globally.


Among the Council’s more visible accomplishments are:

  • Implementing sector strategies, that have led to more and better training and education for workers in the state’s leading industries, including health care, aerospace and manufacturing.
  • Increasing Career Readiness Certificates, by providing the opportunity for nearly 100,000 Oklahoma workers to earn an objective credential documenting their skills and giving employers a way to identify and employ those skills.
  • Expanding Work Ready Communities, gives counties and regions a way to earn certification of their workforce and thus assure employers of a quality workforce.
  • Launching, matches employers with job seekers based on a number of criteria, including experience, education, skills, certifications and licenses. lets employers save, edit and manage their job postings as well as flag potential job seekers for follow up, add notes and find similar candidates.
  • Launching, providing a wide range of information on career and education planning, including overviews of careers in the state’s top industries.
  • Endorsing Career Ready 101/KeyTrain, a proven interactive training system for workforce development.
  • Endorsing Oklahoma Green, which is training thousands of Oklahomans for a wide spectrum of energy-efficiency and other green jobs.

Current Council initiatives include:

  • Encouraging Career Pathways - by approving a model that provides guidance for local and regional groups as they create career pathways talent pipelines that assure employers have an appropriately skilled and credentialed workforce.
  • Spearheading System Certification - helping local leaders improve service delivery in their region and assisting local partners pursuing workforce system certification.
  • Commitment to education and training - to ensure that employer talent demands are matched with and meet the education and training supply chain.
  • Increase Oklahoma’s educational attainment levels – to ensure a quality workforce with appropriate skills and credentials.

Building Blocks for an Employer-Responsive Workforce System 2011

Building Blocks for an Employer-Responsive Workforce System 2011  

A major Governor’s Council study of employer needs in 2011 found better skills certifications and four other building blocks as the blueprint for a new, more responsive workforce development system.

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State Workforce Youth Council

A separate State Workforce Youth Council advises the Governor’s Council on strategies involving youth.

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The Governor's Council and Youth Council meet four times a year. Meetings are held on the campus of OSU-OKC, unless otherwise noted.

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