Workforce Development

Rapid Response Layoffs and Plant Closures

A layoff is difficult for everyone. The Rapid Response program provides a variety of services to employers and their employees when it becomes necessary to downsize.

These services focus on insuring that affected employees are aware of Unemployment Insurance, childcare assistance, health insurance, and help that is available through the State Employment Service at their local Workforce Oklahoma Centers. In the case of a major decline in company staffing, job fairs are provided to these companies and their workers.

Tools and Resources for Transitioning to Your Next Job  

Recently lost your job? This handbook gives you the tools and resources you need to get back on your feet.


Many of the topics covered in the Tools and Resources for Transitioning to Your Next Job handbook are available in a series of videos.

Program Details

Rapid Response activities are provided as a part of a comprehensive Workforce Investment System designed to respond quickly to employer, employee and community needs when a mass layoff and/or plant closure appears imminent. The objective of Rapid Response is to help workers transition from notification of layoff to re-employment as soon as possible.

For assistance, contact Vikki Dearing - (405) 815-5144 or

Oklahoma maintains a database of WARN Notices to track mass layoffs and plant closings. This database captures known facts such as number impacted, reason for layoff, presence of a labor union, and the services provided to the employer and affected workers. To link to US Department of Labor - employer and employee assistance during a reduction in employees see