Workforce Development

Regional Workforce Network

There are nine workforce investment boards (WIBs) across Oklahoma. WIBs are designed to address workforce related issues within their jurisdiction. Designed to implement the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, WIBs play a critical role in the foundation of Oklahoma's Workforce Investment System.

Because administration of the Workforce Investment Act is to be local, the act required the creation of local workforce investment areas (WIAs) and each workforce investment area has a WIB.

WIBs must have business representatives from the private sector as a majority of their members. Other membership includes individuals from other entities and programs.

WIBs provide direction to the workforce system based on the unique challenges of that particular area. To make sure those needs are met, WIBs seek private sector input and develop a workforce system plan.

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This map shows which counties each WIB covers. It also includes contact information, locations, and links for more information.