Workforce Development

Work Ready Communities

The availability of skilled workers is the #1 factor in business location decisions.

Oklahoma’s nationally recognized Work Ready Communities program gives counties and regions a way to earn certification of their workforce and thus assure employers of the quality of their workforce.

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This prestigious recognition gives these areas decided advantages when competing to retain, grow, and attract both human capital (jobs & talent) and financial capital (investment).

Based on objective, verifiable data, the certification process quantifies the capability of a significant portion of the area’s workforce and documents high school performance, as well as the continuing commitment to improve it.

Certification is good for one year only, assuring employers of the currency of the objective data at the heart of the program. Recertification requires an annual application process. This promotes a sustained commitment and effort at the local and regional level to maintain this valuable certification.

Eligibility and Application Process

A county or region (a group of contiguous counties) may apply.



  • 3% of the existing workforce must earn a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) credential;
  • 25% of the available workforce must earn a CRC; and
  • Either a minimum of 85% high school graduation rate or 82% of high school seniors earn a CRC.


For assistance with this program contact Jeane Burruss at (405) 815-5256 or


  • Improved high school graduation rates
  • Helps existing companies grow and add new jobs
  • New business and investment attraction
  • Competitive advantage over other areas
  • Improved focus on local business climate
  • Stronger regional and cross-sector collaboration

By framing workforce readiness in economic development terms, Oklahoma’s Work Ready Communities program brings together Employment (employers; workforce system), Education (all levels of schools systems), and Economic Development (local & regional development organizations; all levels of government) in successful and powerful coalitions. The shared and compelling goal of a certified workforce unites all players.