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Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Laying a Foundation for Growth with $12.1 Million Awarded for Infrastructure Improvements

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program enables rural communities to finance a variety of public infrastructure and economic improvements.

One of the missions of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce (Commerce) is to address the community and economic development challenges facing rural Oklahoma communities. Commerce is committed to ensuring that rural communities maintain their infrastructure at levels that meet current and future citizen needs and foster economic growth and development. This program, administered by Commerce, impacts the day-to-day lives and quality of life of Oklahomans.

The CDBG program focuses on rural Oklahoma and funding is only available in communities with populations under 50,000. Consistently, the CDBG program is focused on our rural areas with well over 60% of funds being allocated to communities with populations of less than 1,500. These grants address issues such as outdated water and wastewater systems, drainage, and streets. Funds are also used for fire and emergency response as well as municipal services for youth and the elderly. These programs work together to strengthen communities, improve quality of life, and spur opportunity through job growth.

$12.1 million awarded for infrastructure improvements

149 new jobs

260,000+ individual beneficiaries

87 new projects in rural Oklahoma

100% of all CDBG projects qualify to meet HUD low and moderate income beneficiary eligibility standards. Programs include private and public sector improvement projects.

Through connection to grants and funding programs, communities can make great strides in improving their physical and social infrastructure. CDBG funds are provided by the federal government and managed by Commerce to help ensure Oklahoma’s most critical needs are addressed. Learn more about which program could help fund your community.


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