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Oklahoma Department of Commerce

New Director of Community Development Announced

Marshall Vogts became the Director of Community Development beginning on January 1, 2019, being promoted from Deputy Director of the division. Vogts brings with him years of experience in community development programs. During his time in the Community Development division, he has served as the Program Planner for the Weatherization Assistance Program, as well as a program monitor.

“Marshall’s organizational skills are exemplary, and I have been most impressed with the depth of his knowledge and his preparation to accept the duties as the new Division Director,” explained Vaughn Clark, former Director of Community Development who retired on Dec. 31, 2018. “The Director of Community Development must always be prepared to represent the programs we administer and to support our partners across the state in our efforts to show the linkages between community capacity and the economic well-being of Oklahoma citizens.”

Marshall Vogts

In his former role as Director of Programs and team leader in the Community Development division, Vogts’ team planned, implemented and monitored a wide variety of programs that strengthen communities. He reviewed state plans at the beginning of the programs, and reviewed reports throughout the program year as the programs were monitored. In his new role, he will continue to support the team and make sure they have what they need to do their jobs well.

“The people I work with are genuinely dedicated to their missions. Whether it’s ensuring the accuracy of their report, overseeing funded activity, or determining a program’s future direction, they are invested in the success of our work,” said Vogts. “There’s a lot to learn in a new position, so having smart, supportive people around me makes it so much easier to hit the ground running.”

Community Development programs provide critical services to some of the most vulnerable communities in Oklahoma. There is such a wide variety of what Commerce Community Development funds with their mission to strengthen communities in Oklahoma. They partner with local communities on everything from massive construction projects to helping homeless families find shelter.

“All of our programs could use more funding. For example, the Rx for Oklahoma program has a huge impact on seniors as well as anyone struggling to pay for medication. It could use more support. That’s just one of the many worthy programs we administer,” said Vogts.

As Division Director, Vogts’ objective is to have his team be a driving force behind moving community projects forward.

“We always want to provide resources and solutions to everyone who asks. I’ve told my team that when someone needs help, ‘no’ is never the final answer,” said Vogts. “If a request is beyond our scope, we will always offer referrals, suggestions or other possibilities so our customers have a path forward.”



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